Glass of Milk
Prayer Intentions
Would you like for us to publicly include this intention in our parish prayer list so that our community can pray for you by name?

Thank you! Let us pray for each other.

Norma requests prayers for her family: Louis, Norma, Louie, Thalia.

Ashley asks us to join her in prayer for resilience against temptation and to find her way to surrender herself to God. 


At Mother of the Church, we believe that each missionary disciple of Jesus Christ needs an integral formation - human, intellectual, spiritual, and pastoral.  In our parish, we will achieve this formation through family and child catechesis, group studies that learn about the Bible and share our faith, social groups and gatherings, retreats, and liturgies.

We will work with the Mexican American Catholic College and the Archdiocese of San Antonio

to help ministers to would like to earn certification in their specific ministries.

If you have specific ideas, hopes, or expertise related to formation, please contact us!


We would be honored to work with you growing as a missionary and disciple of Jesus Christ! Please consider filling out our parish registration form. Once completed, email it or call the office. This will help us begin to prepare our programs for religious education and sacramental preparation.